Please Fix the CDM's in FIFA 16

I find that if i pick a player such as Lucas of Liverpool in a 4-3-3 system as the CDM who has a Low attacking work rate and High defensive work rate, even if i instruct him in tactics to stay back whilst attacking, he is still making runs, even beyond my striker(s). Which can leave my defence wide open.

Going back a few Fifa's, I remember before they introduced realistic player work rates you could set players to just hold/sit in front of the defence, and only really come into action when you didn't have possession.

I'm not asking Fifa to resort back to this, i think it's great that players have realistic work rates, i'd just like to see the CDM be fixed to how it used to be.

Although i enjoy Fifa, i find that i'm usually using a 5 at the back system, although being in Division 1 in H2H, i still like to see good defence and keep clean sheets.

If the CDM was fixed i could use the systems and tactics that i actually want to use, such as a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

I can imagine that this would be such a minor adjustment that i hope it can be possible for the next Fifa.

Hope someone from Fifa can take a look at this.


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