FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Improvements - Fatigue & Injuries

This year, players do get more tired and thus more injured. I really appreciate this, because it adds realism to the matches, as it forces you to consider substitutions. Make Full Preparation for Coming FIFA 16 Coins Storm

I don't like the link between fatigue and player fitness and the injuries lasting multiple games, which implies that players need to rest every now and then – or have fitness and treatment cards added to them. To me, this is neither fun nor realistic.

Most players simply work around the fatigue / fitness aspect by swapping between two squads, having squad 1 on the bench while playing with squad 2. The issue with this work around is that it practically takes the tactical aspect of substitutions out of the game for many of us, as we are limited to a single substitution per match.

Those who can't afford two squads simply put a batch of cheap bronzers on the pitch while resting all their expensive gold players – and go and grab a cup of coffee while the opponent is wasting a precious half an hour of his life.

Finally, bronze benches only makes sense because you don't have to make substitutions and because substitutes only contribute 50 % to the calculated overall rating of your squad. By making fatigue and injuries more prominent within matches, and by giving subs the full weight when calculating the squad rating, people would lose the incentive to use bronze benches.


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