What is FIFA 16 Smell the Game?

I was browsing for FIFA 16 news on Google yesterday and Google suggested FIFA 16 Smell the Game and I was like what the hell is that?? I spent about half an hour learning what was that about and came to this conclusion that it was bullshit.

It all started when EA announced tagline for FIFA 15. The tagline of FIFA 15 was 'feel the game' and a bunch of reedit users created thread to make fun of the tagline. They posted funny taglines like FIFA 16 eat the game, FIFA 16 sh** the game and many more. FIFA 16 Smell the Game was one of them.

When the game was launched, people felt the tagline was inappropriate because it was not that good. Then, this reedit thread got viral and FIFA 16 Smell the Game got more popularity.

Then the videos came. A few kids made a parody trailer video of FIFA 16 and posted it on YouTube. That got about two thousand views in just a few weeks.

FIFA 16 Smell the Game is not happening. It was a joke but now people are believing that it is going to happen.

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