Ideas for FIFA 16 Manager Mode

Depth, a lot more depth...

1. Training sessions - you could pick the days and the type of training for the whole team or specific players. And specific attributes.

2. Youth team or a B team

3. Ticket money/Sponsors/TV money

4. upgrade your club's training center, buy better equipment, hire better training and medical personnel

5. A stadium creator/editor for generic stadia

6. A more in-depth work with players' morale. Bring back the bar where you could see how's their morale and make it able to answer them back when they're not happy.

7. A greater variety of questions/answers on interviews and the importance it should have on a team's morale

8. Receive emails about your loaned out players, how they're doing,

That's some of the things i can remember now. CM has a lot to learn from FM.